Social Media Strategies

Are you struggling to brand  yourself online? Are you having difficulty wading through the social media platforms and wondering where on earth to begin? Do you wish there was someone you could talk to, someone to give you specific direction and answer your questions?

Then look no further.

Seven years ago, Sara Humphreys was a self-published writer with no platform, no marketing team, very few readers and  no contracts. She used her background in marketing and public relations to build a marketing platform and a successful brand. All of which has lead to several publishing contracts and over 300,000 books sold.

Not to mention a devoted growing readership and social media following.


Sara and TST can help you do the same thing.

Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Google.

The list goes on and on and can feel overwhelming. Small businesses and non-profits need a strong social media presence but few can afford to keep a full-time strategist on. However, when attempting to manage it “in house”, the job typically falls by the wayside and goes nowhere fast due to the time investment required to execute it effectively.

That’s where TST comes into play.

There are many marketing programs out there but this is different. Why? It’s personalized, one-to-one service that will focus on making you and your brand successful by building your social media footprint.

Whether you’re looking for a social media strategy to enhance your overall brand building or require a campaign for a specific event, TST can help.

We can build a campaign to fit your budget!

Contact us today to help your company or non-profit make a splash in the seemingly endless ocean of the Internet.


Client Testimonial

“I can’t thank Sara enough for all her support and guidance. Starting a new business is difficult and I was extremely afraid of failing. Sara was able to provide me the tools and strategies to get the ball rolling. But most importantly she gave me the confidence to do it! With much gratitude!”– April Dearden, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach. New Normal Lifestyle


Check Out Our You Tube Playlist of Client Videos!

5 thoughts on “Social Media Strategies

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    Gerri Brousseau said:
    August 4, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Congratulations, Sara. I’m excited for you. I’m interested, but my question is what are the costs of your packages?

    […] has recently expanded her business to include Career Coaching for Authorswhich helps writers build their brand and expand their presence in the […]

    […] has recently expanded her business to include Career Coaching for Authorswhich helps writers build their brand and expand their presence in the […]

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